Hey guys! I'm Jordan.

Thanks for stopping by. I created this blog to pass on what I've learned as a professional cook. When it comes to the restaurant industry, I started out as green as it gets. I applied to one of Atlanta's top restaurants on a whim and was shocked when I was asked to come in for my stage. It was the most grueling eight hours of my life. I didn't think my passion for cooking would get me far, but turns out I was wrong.

While in the restaurant industry, I learned so much about the art of cooking from my fellow chefs. They took the time to share their techniques and tricks of the trade with me. Most importantly, they showed me the difference between being a good cook versus being a great chef. It was one of the most challenging experiences for me but also one of the best. The lessons I learned in the kitchen will stay with me always.

Though I've retired from being a professional cook, I still spend most of my time cooking and creating in the kitchen. You can also find me in my favorite plushy chair writing original recipes and kitchen tips/tricks as a contract copywriter. If you'd like to collaborate, feel free to send me an email.

While you're here, you'll learn how to create memorable, edible art. But more importantly, I hope you'll learn how to create a memorable life in the process.

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